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Snowdonia has something for every outdoor enthusiast - of whatever skill level - and what's more we want you to to make the most of it. However you must respect the hills, rivers and mountains and these simple guidelines are to help make your time in snowdonia memorable but free from incident


Match the activity you are planning to the experience level of you and your group carefully. Consider fitness, strength, age, expertise as well as knowledge of the area and conditions


Make sure you have waterproof clothing and extra warm layers, including gloves and a hat. Wear comfortable, supportive footwear with a tread that grips well. Carry food, water and first-aid equipment


The weather in snowdonia can be unpredictable so be prepared for the worst and you'll always have a good time. check local, specialised forecasts and be prepared to change your plans accordingly


Plan according to your groups ability, not simply your own. Use as much information as you can gather from tourist information, guide books etc. Always be prepared to adapt your plans


In the event of an emergency call the police by dialling 999. They will contact the appropriate specialist rescue services. If possible supply a map reference. Treat any injuries to the best of your ability